Samuel Anoints David

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 084
1 Samuel 16:13 - 1 Samuel 16:23

Samuel mourned for Saul, because Saul had dishonored the Lord.
God said, Samuel, mourn no more. Now listen and heed my word.

I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. You've anointed one king, now twice.
Samuel said, Saul will kill me. God said, no he won't. Take a heifer to sacrifice.

Call Jesse to sacrifice with you. From his sons I will show you the man,
whom I've chosen as king, 'tis a wonderful thing. Now obey just as quick as you can.

So Samuel went down unto Bethlehem, with the heifer as God said he should.
When they saw him they trembled. Are you come in peace? Yes I am, now gather the wood.

As they offered to God all attended. And Jesse came too with his son.
Eliab was he. Was he six foot three? Good-looking and tall. He's the one!

No he isn't, God said unto Samuel. Saul was tall and good-looking recall.
Don't look at his height. I don't need a man's might. It's the heart, Samuel, don't forget Saul.

When you look on the outward appearance, you don't know if a man honors God.
Ask Jesse to call up the next son. Do not ask, is he tall? Is he broad?

So Abinadab passed before Samuel. Then Shammah. In fact seven sons.
God kept saying no, so off they would go. In the end God had chosen no one.

Samuel said unto Jesse, are all your son's here? God gave me a promise to keep.
Anoint Jesse's son. Well I still do have one. Just a boy, but he's tending the sheep.

I'll not move 'till you fetch him, said Samuel. Call the lad and bring him to me.
So they brought the boy David. A beautiful child. He was young but God said, this is he.

Arise and anoint this ruddy faced boy. My spirit will dwell with the lad.
No longer will Saul be God's chosen king because Saul would not stop acting bad.

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