Samuel In The Temple

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 077
1 Samuel 2:12 - 1 Samuel 3:21

God blessed Hannah with a son. Samuel was his name.
He served the Lord so faithfully that all heard of his fame.

And God kept blessing Hannah. Two daughters and sons three.
The woman who was childless now had a family.

She prayed, the Lord is holy. Our God is like a rock.
He can break the bows of mighty men and stop the wicked talk.

He lifts the poor and blesses saints. Lifts beggars from the dust.
He lets the barren bring forth sons. In Him I put my trust.

So Samuel stayed with Eli, and studied what God wrote.
Each year when Hannah came to pray, she made for him a coat.

Faithful Samuel served the Lord, but Eli's sons did not.
They lived in sin and stole the meat from sacrifices brought.

God warned, I see the wickedness of the sons of priest Eli.
One day I will send down my wrath, and both of them shall die.

No longer will the house of Eli serve as priests of mine.
God said I'll raise a faithful priest, one who obeys this time.

So Samuel grew. He pleased the Lord and served God day by day.
Then God appeared to him by night 'ere Eli passed away.

Samuel, God said, Samuel. Samuel thought it was Eli.
He jumped from bed. Ran to the priest, and said sir, here am I.

I did not call, spoke Eli. Return and lay back down.
Again young Samuel heard and came. Eli said, I've made no sound.

So Samuel laid upon his bed a third time God called him.
Was this old Eli playing tricks? A third time he went in.

I'm sure Eli. I heard you call when I lay down in bed.
The next time do not come to me. Ask God to speak instead.

So once again God called Samuel, and this time he replied,
speak, for your servant hears you. God said, I will confide.

I'll tell you what will happen, to Eli and his boys.
Because their sin is dreadful, and sin always destroys.

No more will Eli and his sons serve here within my house.
When morning came Sam held his tongue as quiet as a mouse.

But Eli called to Samuel. Tell me what God told you.
So Samuel did, and Eli said, He'll do what He must do.

From that time on all Israel knew that Samuel was God's man.
They all respected Samuel. God's prophet in the land.

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