Hannah Has Samuel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 076
1 Samuel 1:1 - 1 Samuel 2:11

There was a man named Elkanah, and he had two wives.
They were different and that difference really stressed their lives.

Peninnah had the children while poor Hannah, she had none.
On top of that, Peninnah mocked her and made fun.

That made Hannah sad. She'd cry and weep.
One time she cried so much that she didn't even eat.

Elkanah tried to comfort her with all he had,
but Hannah still cried 'cause she was sad.

Am I not better unto thee then ten sons? So,
I guess the answer to that was a big fat NO!

One day when meal time had fully come and past,
Hannah went into the temple with her prayers to ask.

Lord please I pray, please give to me a baby son.
I'll lend him back to you. He'll be a special one.

She prayed in silence while God knew what she was thinking.
Eli the priest saw her lips move. Said, she's been drinking.

Drunk in the temple? Hannah, look at what you've done!
Hannah replied, not drunk! I'm sad and praying for a son.

Eli felt bad. While crying, I can only guess,
that Hannah must have really looked an awful mess.

With compassion Eli comforted, please go in peace.
God grant what you have asked my child. Your sorrow cease.

Hannah believed her prayer was heard. That She would have a son.
She rose, and ate, and worshipped God when she was done.

And sure enough that year Mrs. Hannah bore a child.
She named him Samuel. No more sad, she laughed and smiled.

Samuel grew and Hannah carefully taught him to obey.
He learned to trust the Lord and live God's perfect way.

When old enough as promised Hannah brought him to Eli.
Remember that sad woman Eli? It was I.

I prayed that God would give to me a baby son.
He heard and answered. Precious Samuel is the one.

I promised God if he would let me have this boy,
I'd let him serve and bring to all the people joy.

In the temple Samuel grew and daily learned to pray.
One of Israel's greatest prophet, judges, to this day.

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