Abram To Canaan

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 006
Genesis 11:10-Genesis 13:18

Abram was a man from a far away land, and God changed his name one day.
But first God said, I want you to go, to a place you'll be able to stay.

So Abram took Lot, his nephew, and all of his servants and stuff,
and he came to the place, that God gave him to stay, but a famine made living there tough.

Abram left the land that God gave him, and he went down to Egypt instead.
That wasn't the place God told him to stay but Abe thought, they have food and bread.

Now while Abram was down there in Egypt, Pharaoh saw Abram's beautiful wife.
Abram quickly told Sarai to lie about him so Pharaoh would not take his life.

But God didn't need Abram's lie. God already had a good plan.
God loved and protected Abram, while the king ran him out of his land.

So Abram came back into Canaan, the place God told him to stay.
He and Lot had so many cattle, their servants fought night and day.

That wasn't good. They were family. So Abram talked to Lot.
He said look at the land, and pick what you want, and I'll take the other plot.

So Lot lifted his eyes and looked all around, and said Jordan looks lovely and fair.
I'll take all my servants and live next to Sodom. I think it is best over there.

Then God said to Abram after Lot went away, Abram look at all you can see.
Everywhere you can look, every mountain and brook, all this I will give it to thee.

I'll make all your children like dust of the earth, so many you can't even count.
Then Abram was glad and he worshipped the Lord. Made an altar to God on the mount.

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