Seven Trumpets

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 329
Revelation 8:7-11:19

The first angel sounded his trumpet, and hail with fire and blood,
burned up one third of the trees, and killed all the grass with each bud.

When the second angel sounded, huge fire was cast in the sea.
One third became as blood, and then I heard trumpet three.

A great star fell from heaven, on a third of each river and stream.
When the fourth angel sounded his trumpet, a third of the sun was unseen.

One third of the moon; one third of the stars, did not shine day or night.
When the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, there came a horrible blight.

He had the key to the bottomless pit. From the smoke came locust instead.
They hurt not the trees, but only those men, without God's seal on their head.

One woe is now past. Two more are to come. The sixth angel's trumpet will sound.
He said loose the four angels prepared for this hour, to cut a third of men down.

After all of these plagues you'd think men would stop, and call out to God on His throne.
But repent, they would not. Against God they still fought, and worshipped their idols of stone.

Then seven, thunders, sounded, but their words were not to be penned.
God said seal up those things. When the seventh angel sounds, the mystery of God will end.

For a thousand, two hundred and threescore days, my two witnesses preach on the earth.
The beast from the pit will kill them but then, the Lord soon shows forth their worth.

God raises them up. Unbelievers shall fear. The second woe will be past.
The third woe is brought as the seventh angel sounds. God's kingdom will come at last.

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