John's First Letter

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 325
1 John 1:1-5:21

I walked the earth with Jesus Christ, and bring this word to you.
That your joy be full; that you may know, what is false and what is true.

Believers don't walk in darkness, for Jesus is the light.
He cleanses us from all our sin. The righteous do what's right.

I write to you that you sin not. Rather always love your brother.
Love not the world, or instead of Christ, you're abiding in another.

But the Holy Spirit lives within. He teaches us what's true
Because of Him you need no man to teach these things to you.

What amazing love the Father gives for He makes us his sons.
It does not yet appear what we shall be. Like Christ, we're chosen ones.

When he comes we will be like him. Therefore now keep yourself pure.
If we're born of God, we don't live in sin. Of this you can be sure.

Marvel not that this world hates you. It hated Jesus too.
But Christians love the brethren. That marks the chosen few.

If we know that we're obeying, our heart does not condemn.
We have confidence, what we ask he'll give, because we're pleasing him.

Now believe not every spirit. Make sure their word is true.
For many teach false doctrine, to try to deceive you.

The way you know, you know, is that gift from God above.
If you're born of God you live in love. That's the proof, for God is love.

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but he first loved you and me.
How can we love God, sight unseen, and hate our brother whom we can see?

Let the record show, God gives us life. This life is in his Son.
If you have the Son, you've eternal life. This is true of everyone.

These things have I written to you that believe. I've written that you may know.
Whether you have life is evidenced. Your love will clearly show.

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