James Letter To Israel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 322
James 1:1-5:20

James a servant of Christ, to the twelve tribes of the Jews.
Don't fret when God teaches patience; when you don't get what you choose.

Remember if you lack wisdom, God has plenty to pass around.
And if you endure temptation he will surely give you a crown.

Be slow to speak and swift to hear and always slow to wrath.
Don't just hear the word, but do it as well, on the straight and narrow path.

If someone thinks they're religious, but their words cause stress and pain,
Tell him, bridal his tongue. He's deceiving his heart. That man's religion is vain.

Don't favor the rich and despise the poor. Practice what you preach.
What does it profit if you say you have faith, but you don't do what you teach?

The scripture calls Abraham a man of faith, but he also did what God said.
Those who believe also do, and that's why I say, faith without works is dead.

Consider the tongue. It boasts great things. It can bring all of nature to dust.
We don't ask. Then we do. God won't answer because, we wish to fulfill our lust.

So humble yourselves and God gives more grace. Resist the devil, he'll flee.
Don't insist, I'll do this, rather say if God wills, then God will give it to me.

Pray for the sick and anoint them with oil, that God will make them whole.
Teach sinners to turn from sin to the Lord, and Jesus will save their soul.

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