Jesus, Our Priest

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 320
Hebrews 5:1-9:28

Each priest understands how all of us feel, for priests are also men too.
They know what it's like to be a mere man, and thus have compassion on you.

Now no man chooses this honor. It is God who chooses the priest.
God chose Aaron's tribe. Some he chooses are great, and others he chooses are least.

So Jesus humbled himself. It was God who said you are my Son.
Yes God declared, I have begotten thee, and that is why Christ is the one.

Let us grow beyond this foundation, of repentance; faith in Jesus our head.
For as we well know, even plants that don't grow aren't alive, instead they are dead.

So those who were once enlightened, by the Holy Ghost working within,
I fully suspect that if those folks reject, they shall never be born again.

But my friends, I'm persuaded better of you. You've received God's promise of grace.
God swore by himself. A redeemer would come. A priest who would die in our place.

Jesus is that redeemer. Melchisedec, the priest of old.
Without father or mother, no beginning or end, He came as God has foretold.

Not from man or Aaron's tribe, but of Judah the Savior would come.
Not made after the law, but a New Testament. Jesus Christ is the chosen one.

Not a priest who would die from the Old Testament, but forever neither tainted nor flawed.
Undefiled and sinless, he offered himself, and is set on the right hand of God.

This New Testament covenant God said he would make, His laws in our minds and our hearts.
Not with blood of bulls, but his own precious blood, a Savior who never departs.

Therefore he meditates between God and man. It's appointed to us once to die.
But he bore our sin, so we look unto him, to appear for us in the sky.

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