The Good Fight

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 307
2 Corinthians 10:1-11:33

We fight a spiritual battle. It's not based on what you see.
His letters have power, but his body is weak, is what they say of me.

My boasting is not in myself. I will glory in the Lord.
Bear with me. Just a little bit, you're my children through God's word.

I'm jealous for you my children. For you I've sacrificed.
I don't want you to be corrupted, from the simplicity in Christ.

I have preached the gospel freely, with other Church support.
Macedonia, poor as they are, made up where you fell short.

For amongst you, some opposed me, pretending to fight the good fight.
Like Satan cloaked their evil ways imitating angels of light.

Are they the ministers of Christ? Have they given all for you?
You've seen the way I've ministered. You know what I've been through.

In labors more abundant; in prisons fearing death.
Five times beaten with 40 stripes, save one. God gave me breath.

Three times they beat me with their rods. Once stoned and left for dead.
Shipwrecked three times, and hated. They sought to take my head.

Weary and painful often, in hunger thirst and cold.
While daily caring for all the church. So let the truth be told.

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