The Good Samaritan

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 252
Luke 10:25-37

Then a lawyer tried to trap Him, using words just like a knife.
He asked, what must I do, that I might have eternal life?

Well, you claim you are a lawyer, yet my advice you think you need?
What is written in the law? Lawyer, tell me what you read.

It says to love the Lord your God with all your strength your soul your mind.
And then to love your neighbor. It commands us to be kind.

Well that sounds good, said Jesus. So this advice I'll gladly give.
Do everything you told me, my good man, and you shall live.

The lawyer asked, to defend himself, who's my neighbor? Do you know?
Let me tell you, Jesus answered, a man went to Jericho.

He fell among some robbers who stripped him of all he had.
A priest and Levite passed him, but they just noted he looked bad.

A Samaritan came by. Dressed and bound the wounds for him.
He put him on his donkey and he took him to an inn.

He gave the keeper some money. Please help this man I say.
If you spend more than what I've given, on returning, I'll repay.

Then Jesus looked at the lawyer, who hated the Samaritan.
He asked, which of these do you think, was neighbor unto him?

The one who showed compassion was the lawyer's only reply.
Now go and do thou likewise. Jesus looked him in the eye.

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