Mary, Marth And Disciples

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 253
Luke 10:38-11:54

Jesus visited Mary and Martha. They were cooking him supper that night.
Mary was sitting and listening to Jesus, and Martha was getting uptight.

Martha came out upset. Mary's left me to serve alone.
I'm the only one who's working, to serve these guests in our home.

Jesus calmly said Martha, you're filled with worry and care.
Mary is learning at my feet. She cannot always be there.

Mary has chosen the better part. Though you're working hard for sure.
I'll not stop teaching Mary. I will not take this from her.

Then Jesus taught the disciples, how God provides every need.
If a friend came to you at midnight, desperate, a traveler to feed,

Would you turn him away and say I'm in bed, or help him because he's your friend.
So you're Heavenly Father wants to help you. His patience is without end.

If your son asks for bread would you give him a stone, or fish would you give him a snake?
Your Father in heaven will give you good things, so ask Him for heaven's sake.

As Jesus taught a woman came and said blessed is your mother.
He said blessed are they who keep God's word. They truly are my brother.

Then a Pharisee came and asked Jesus to eat with him that night.
He didn't ceremoniously wash his hands. The guests said, he's not right.

Jesus said, you clean the outside, but leave the inside full of dirt.
You put on airs, stand on high stairs. Like wearing medals on your shirt.

A lawyer said you demean us. Jesus told him woe to you.
You bind heavy burdens on other men, things you won't lift a finger to do.

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