Slaves In Egypt

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 023

Joseph prospered long in Egypt. His children multiplied.
They were many and strong and filled the land, but finally Joseph died.

A new Pharaoh ruled in Egypt. Joseph, he did not know.
He feared the strength of the Israelites. He said look at how they grow.

They will be stronger then Egyptians. There is something we must do.
We'll make them slaves and work them hard and soon they will be few.

This was too slow for king Pharaoh as he watched the Israelites thrive.
Kill all the babies if their boys, just save the girls alive.

But the midwives and the mother's, did not obey Pharaoh.
They saved the babies all alive and Israel continued to grow.

So Pharaoh had his soldiers, take every baby son,
In the Nile River they were thrown except a special one.

A lady hid her baby, safe from Pharaoh's wrath.
Then she made a boat, and let it float, where the princess took a bath.

When Pharaoh's daughter saw the ark and the tiny babe within,
she said I want to keep the child, but what do I feed him?

Now the sister of the baby watched, the princess for a while.
I'll help you. I can get a nurse. Who can raise and feed the child.

Perfect replied the princess. Please get the nurse today.
So the sister called her mother. Pharaoh's daughter said I'll pay.

Yes, I'll pay you to nurse the child, until he's weaned and grown.
Then you bring the boy to me and I will raise him as my own.

So this mother saved her special son. God will give him strength and fame.
He will lead Israel from Egypt's land, for Moses was his name.

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