Jacob To Egypt

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 022
Genesis 44:25-Genesis 49:33

After Joseph revealed to his brothers, his true identity.
They returned to their father Jacob. Joseph lives. Come to Egypt and see.

My son is alive, cried Jacob. My family restored and whole.
And now he's the man, who rules Egypt's land. To see him again is my goal.

Remember what God said to Abram, before he was named Abraham?
For four hundred years, your family will serve, as slaves in a stranger's land.

That night God spoke to Jacob. Israel, God's name for the man.
Don't fear to go down to Egypt. This is all a part of my plan.

So Jacob moved his family. The children and herds and flocks.
They walked and carried, all that they had, without trucks or a U-haul box.

Imagine old Jacob for more then ten years thought Joseph was dead and done.
How exciting this journey, how happy he was. Again he would see his son.

Joseph readied his chariot as we would a car to ride out and meet his dad.
He fell on his neck and kissed him and wept, for the first time since he was a lad.

Come meet Pharaoh he'll bless you and give you a place called Goshan along the Nile.
It is fertile and green with a beautiful stream. We're going to be here a while.

For seventeen years God blessed Jacob, living in Egypt's land.
Now Jacob was old. Soon he would die. He took Joseph by the hand.

Promise me son when I pass, return to the place God has given.
Please carry my bones and bury them there. Don't leave me where we are now livin'.

Joseph promised. Then Jacob said call them, don't leave out nary a son.
I want them to hear my blessings. I have something for most every one.

Reuben, you are my firstborn, but you shall not excel.
Unstable as water. You sinned against me. I'm not happy as you can tell.

Simeon and Levi two brothers. Given to cruelty.
I don't have anything for you, you never had much for me.

Judah, you are a good son. You have been strong and kind.
Kings shall come from your children and a Savior for all of mankind.

Zebulun you are the mariner. Issachar strong as an ass.
Dan shall be as a serpent. Gad overcometh at last.

Asher shall bring forth good vittles. Naphtali fast as a deer.
Joseph is fruitful and much blessed of God. Successful without any peer.

Benjamin you are my youngest. Like a wolf you devour your prey.
And me I'm in bed, and nearly dead, I doubt I have one more day.

So Jacob blessed his twelve sons. He blessed Judah and Joseph the most.
Then his feet and his head, he gathered in bed, and he promptly gave up the ghost.

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