Ecclesiastes 3-6

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 169
Ecclesiastes 3:11-6:12

Everything beautiful, God made in its time.
His works are eternal, but not so of mine.

So what is the use in all that man's learned.
We all came from dust, and to dust we'll return.

I regrouped and considered the oppressions man's done.
The tears and the sorrows, under the sun.

How we envy our neighbors, excel in our work.
If he makes more than us we think he's a jerk.

Why so vain? Two are better than one.
We can hold up each other, two have much more fun.

If you vow a vow, defer not to pay.
Better not promised than to promise and stray.

When the poor are distressed give him of your wealth.
Riches rob you of sleep. They don't bring you health.

Remember, I was born naked, and I'll leave here bereft.
I started with nothing. I have most of it left.

There's an evil I've seen, under the sun,
a man with great riches, who yet enjoys none.

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