Ecclesiastes 7-12

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 170
Ecclesiastes 7:1-12:14

A good name is better than all precious things.
Take rebuke of a wise man, than a fool when he sings.

There's a vanity I've seen while walking this earth.
The righteous have hardship, the wicked have mirth.

This life is not where the just win the fight.
But whatever you do, do with all your might.

Yet the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.
Time and chance meets them both; some right and some wrong.

For this I considered, my heart to declare,
Whether righteous or wicked, this life isn't fair.

I've seen folly get dignity, and riches get woe.
I've seen servants on horses and princes below.

Cast your bread upon waters and let it return.
Don't hoard it in barns. One day it may burn.

The young men rejoice while their strength is still strong.
But youth, it is vain, and it doesn't last long.

So remember your creator in the days of your youth.
One day will come evil. I tell you the truth.

When the silver cord's loosed, and the golden bowl cracks,
and the pitcher is broken, and the cistern then lacks.

The dust shall return, and the spirit God gave.
And that former young man will be laid in the grave.

And then that school verse we all liked the best.
Of books there's no end, and study wearies the flesh.

Let us hear the conclusion. Listen close as you can.
Fear God and obey. Tis the duty of man.

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