Psalms 1-23

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 157
Psalms 1:1-23:6

Blessed is the man who doesn't choose ungodly friends.
He delights in the Lord's law. He shall have a happy end.

He shall prosper in his way, but ungodly are not so.
For while the heathen rage, we will serve the Lord, you know.

The wicked trouble me, but Lord you are my shield.
Though ten thousand compass me, I will never fear nor yield.

Hear me Lord, when I call. You put gladness in my heart.
At the onset of each day, I'll pray to you before I start.

All those who put their trust in you can ever shout for joy.
How excellent is your name oh Lord. The enemy can't destroy.

Oh Lord, when I consider the great work of your hand,
I'm amazed at your kindness. That you're mindful of a man.

Barely lower than angels, you have counted a man's worth.
How excellent is your name, oh Lord in all the earth.

In you only Lord, will I always put my trust.
Your words are pure like silver. You sustain the good and just.

It is the fool who in his heart insists that there's no God.
Yet the heavens declare His glory. Earth, His handiwork abroad.

Keep your servant from presumptuous sins. Then upright shall I be.
Let my words and meditations be acceptable to thee.

Enemies compass me about, I cry, why am I forsaken?
My hands and feet are pierced. My garments have been taken.

Deliver me and let me sing with all the congregation.
For you, oh Lord do govern every kindred, every nation.

Lord, you are my shepherd. With you I shall not want.
Green pastures and still waters, they are my restaurant.

You restore my soul and though I walk through the valley known as death.
Your rod and staff they comfort me. From you I draw my breath.

You prepare a table before me. My cup is empty never.
Goodness and mercy shall follow me, and I will dwell in your house forever.

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