God Answers Job

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 156
Job 38:1-42:17

Then God answered Job in a whirlwind.
You speak without wisdom, the Lord said to him.

Stand up like a man and Job answer me.
Where were you when I made the earth, sky and sea?

Who made rain and lightning, stars and light?
Who made animals and seasons, days and night?

Did you give the horse strength? Did you give the hawk skill?
Did you give the eagle wings; teach the goat to climb a hill?

Shall you instruct the Almighty, or give reproof to God?
Job answered and said, I'll be silent instead, my judgment has been flawed.

Who made the mighty behemoth. Who made leviathan?
Then Job said Lord, I repent and abhor, the foolish things I've done.

God turned to Job's three friends. Job is far more righteous than thee.
Bring a sacrifice and ask Job to pray, no judgment comes on you three.

Now Job was still in anguish, yet he earnestly prayed for his friends.
Though they'd treated him bad, he didn't act mad, and God made Job's suffering end.

God restored to Job all he'd had, and vastly increased his store.
In fact in the end, because he obeyed, God gave Job twice as much as before.

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