Job Justified Himself

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 154
Job 20:1-31:40

Then answered Zophar, old Job don't you know,
The wicked rejoice, but they reap what they sow.

Job replied, hear my words and then you can mock.
Many wicked do prosper and eat from their flock.

Some righteous, some wicked you can't see their heart.
Whether punished or blessed, you can't tell them apart.

Then Eliphaz got bold. Really started to judge.
From the words that he spoke, I'm hearing a grudge.

He accused Job of taking the clothes from the poor,
bread from the hungry, widows sent from his door.

Breaking the fatherless. None of this true.
How would you feel if folks said this of you?

If I could find God, Job declared in reply,
I'd plead Him my case and He'd take up my cry.

I have followed His ways, kept His statutes of old.
When my trial was done, I'd come forth as gold.

The wicked do wickedly, but many still thrive.
I have obeyed the Lord, yet I'm barely alive.

Well then asked Bildad, do you understand?
With God how can anyone, justify man?

Then Job began to tread, rather thin water.
Don't forget you're the clay, and God is the potter.

God has taken my judgment. I'll not justify you.
By admitting I'm wrong like you want me to do.

Careful Job. God is He who has made you good.
It is not in yourself, that you do as you should.

So Job made it clear, the wise fear the Lord.
They depart from evil by heeding His word.

Then he recalled his former blessed life.
The respect that he had. The love of his wife.

The young men feared him. Old bowed as Job came.
He was sight to the blind, and feet to the lame.

But now I'm a byword. With no more respect.
Terror, my companion. My life is a wreck.

Yet I've always obeyed. God remember, it's me.
Weigh me in the integrity.

If I have done wrong make me pay the price.
But if I have done right, could you please treat me nice?

Then Job's three friends gave up argument.
In Job's eyes he was right, wherever they went.

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