Eliphaz Condemns Job

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 153
Job 15:1-19:29

Eliphaz declared, your own mouth condemns you. Why do you think this has come,
Not because of transgressions? How is it you say you have none?

God knows your heart and we're wise as you.
You think we don't know the things that you do?

I hear you said Job. A poor comfort are ye.
You don't know my secrets, yet you accuse me.

My friends bring me scorn. To God my eyes cry.
I hear no more wisdom. I'm ready to die.

How long will we talk? Then Bildad replied.
You count us as beasts. You say we have lied.

But your root is dried up. Your seed cast abroad.
This is what happens to those who leave God.

Ten times you reproach me. Are you not ashamed.
You vex me, said Job. You slander my name.

If indeed I have erred. Is this not enough?
Look what God has done. Must you make things more tough?

God stripped everything from me. Even my hopes.
Then He sent along you guys to treat me like dopes.

Young children despise me, yes even my friends.
Why persecute me by your talk without ends.

Oh that my words, in a book were now written.
Or with lead in a rock, that like me would be smitten.

For I know my redeemer, even now in my dearth,
will stand in that latter day on this earth.

And though my skin worms destroy this old bod.
Yet in my flesh I shall stand and see God.

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