Solomon's Temple Built

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 136
2 Chronicles 1:1 - 4:22

Solomon is now king. He made an offering.
He made not just one, this king David's son, but a thousand of them he did bring.

God said I am pleased with your worship. Now ask what you will, said the Lord.
Solomon gave thought. It's not how much I've got, but how closely I'm following God's Word.

So instead of asking for riches, or power, or strength, or fame,
Solomon asked for wisdom; to know what is right; to honor God's name.

With this God was pleased and delighted. Unselfish, you asked this of me.
Not riches or power but wisdom to rule. Good king, I will give you all three.

So God made the armies of Solomon strong. No enemy dared to rebel.
He made gold as stones in Jerusalem. Gave him wisdom to rule people well.

Then Solomon picked men to build God a temple. 80,000 cut stones for the site.
70,000 to carry supplies for this building. Three thousand six hundred made sure all was right.

So the temple began on Moriah. The mount where God met his dad.
God met David the king, what a wonderful thing, and where Issac was brought as a lad.

On Moriah this magnificent temple, built with stone and cedar and gold.
Decorated with linen and cherubs as the tabernacle of old.

Outside stood an alter of brass. Molten sea and lavers to clean.
Inside were the golden alter, shewbread table and candlesticks seen.

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