Temple Supplies

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 135
1 Chronicles 22:26 - 29:30

David called his boy Solomon, and said, now hear my son.
I wished to build a house for God. God said, I'm not the one.

This job God gives to you my child. One day you'll take the throne.
I will not build, but I can help collect the wood and stone.

Then David further honored God and here's a great example.
He began to stock building supplies so his son could build the temple.

He amassed much gold and silver, brass and cedar, wood and stone.
Precious gems, abundant marble, nothing spared to build God's home.

When he was old and full of days, and Solomon was grown.
David made the young man Solomon to sit upon his throne.

Then he prayed, Lord, give, I ask, to Solomon my son,
a perfect heart, to keep commands, and statutes, every one.

Give him all the understanding that he needs to do this thing,
for which I've made provision. Now my boy will be the king.

David reigned o're all the land. Forty years he filled the throne.
Set the stage for peace and blessing. Then God took this great king home.

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