Chronicles, Adam to Jacob

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 129
1 Chronicles 1:1-54

God created Adam. Adam's first three sons,
were Cain and Able, then came Seth. From Seth the special ones.

Why so special, well because, Seth's line's the only one,
that that kept on filling up the earth when the other lines were done.

Were done? You ask. What do you mean? Well, Cain shed Able's blood.
Then all the others except Seth's were drowned within the flood.

You see from Seth came Methusela the oldest man on earth.
He had a son named Lamech, whose wife also gave birth, Noah. You remember him. God saved him from the mud.
And rain and ocean's raging waves. My goodness, what a flood.

There was Shem and Ham and Japheth to whom his wife gave birth.
Their children and great grandchildren have filled up all the earth.

Japheth's sons they spread to Europe; probably much of Russia too.
Ham, Ethiopia and Caanan. Remember Egypt? Sure you do.

Shem's children, they filled Asia, also the promised land.
The famous lad God did this through, his name was Abraham.

His firstborn son was Ishmael. Abe and Sarah couldn't wait.
God finally gave them Issac, and God is never late.

God had great plans for this young lad, you remember his two sons.
The twins, Jacob and Esau. They were his only ones.

Esau's sons spawned many nations. Edom's probably remembered most.
Jacob's name was changed to Israel and he also spawned a host.

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