Chronicles, Jacob to David

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 130
1 Chronicles 2:1 - 9:44

Twelve sons were born to Israel. There is one you know the best.
He was second to the youngest, but he ruled o're all the rest.

Though Joseph safely kept his family, another brother was to be,
the one whose line was to become a special family tree.

From Judah there came Boaz. With Ruth they bare Obed.
His son, Jesse, bore David, who killed the giant dead.

David fathered more than twenty sons, but the one whom you'll recall,
was Solomon who reigned as king. The wisest of them all.

So back to Israel's children. Twelve brothers for twelve tribes.
But the oldest got no birthright. That's because of some bad vibes.

His part was given to Joseph, and split between each son.
Ephraim and Manasseh; two tribes instead of one.

So the twelve tribes entered Caanan's land, with Levites in the lead.
You'd think they'd always trust the Lord. He'd supplied their every need.

But alas, they got rebellious. Followed gods the heathen knew.
Israel and Judah were divided. No more one. They now were two.

Plus the constant wars and battles. From their first king you recall.
Philistines finally on Gilboa, they killed Jonathan and Saul.

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