Kings to Ahab

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 114
1 Kings 13:1-16:34

Jeroboam was king of Israel, for God had made him so.
He reigned in disobedience, as if God he did not know.

God sent a prophet to warn him and show him a mighty sign.
But Jeroboam refused to heed. He was running out of time.

While Jeroboam in Israel reigned. Rehoboam in Judah was king.
Rehoboam also displeased the Lord. Neither one of them did the right thing.

So both of them died and were buried. Abijam reigned instead.
But he was as bad as Rehoboam, and before long he was dead.

Then Asa took over Judah. The Lord he did obey.
Baasha in Israel warred against Asa, 'till the Syrians drove him away.

Baasha wasn't always Israel's king. Nadab ruled before.
But Nadab was Jeroboam's son who didn't obey the Lord.

Baasha wiped him out and his father's house as God had said he would.
Then Baasha disobeyed as well and did not do that which was good.

So Elah, his son reigned in his stead, 'till Zimri put him down.
But Zimri wasn't much better. He burned the king's house to the ground.

After this the people could not decide. Should Tibni or Omri lead.
Well Omri was stronger than Tibni, and he was the one to succeed.

But Omri was worse than all before. He obviously had to go.
When he died his son reigned in his stead. A name I'm sure you'll know.

Could there be a king worse than Omri? He was worse than all before.
Well the answer is yes. Next came Ahab. He never obeyed the Lord.

He married and idolatrous woman. Her name was Jezebel.
Between these two there was nothing worse, as far as I can tell.

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