Rehoboam and Jeroboam

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 113
1 Kings 12:1-12:33

So Solomon reigned for forty years, like David his father before.
But Solomon let wives lead him away. He didn't stay true to the Lord.

God warned him his son would not rule well. They'd fight and the kingdom would split.
So when Solomon died, the Lord kept his word. To rule rightly his son was not fit.

Rehoboam sat on his father's throne as nations still paid him a tax.
Now with Solomon dead they petitioned the king. We beg. Take this yoke from our backs.

He asked the wise men to give him advice. They'll serve you forever. Now just treat them nice.
Rehoboam wouldn't listen to the old men's advice. Said you think Dad was hard? Well you'd better think twice.

He scourged you with whips. With scorpions I'll sting.
The people rebelled. Then you won't be our king.

So all of the tribes followed Jeroboam, except for one with Rehoboam.

God promised because of what David had done,
that his grandson Rehoboam would have at least one.

Jeroboam thought eleven tribes are with me.
Better do something quick, or no more shall I be.

They go to Jerusalem to worship the Lord. Rehoboam is there. They'll start wanting him more.

Then he will be king and they'll kill me instead.
Why rather than rule, I'll surely be dead.

So he built him two idols. A deplorable thing.
Now they won't go to worship, and I'll remain king.

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