Solomon is King

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 108
I Kings 1:1-1:53

Now David was old and stricken in years and his body could make no heat.
They said find a young maid to care for him and let her stay by his feet.

So Abishag was called. She cherished the king. And cared for him day and night.
While the brother of Absalom, Haggith, cooked a plan that was far from right.

My father is old. He lies on a bed, unable to do a thing.
I'll gather some soldiers and a priest or two and set myself up as king.

But the prophet of God named Nathan knew Haggith was not the one.
For years before, David made clear. God had picked Solomon.

So Nathan told Bethsheba, what Haggith was trying to do.
He's stealing the kingdom from your son Solomon, and he certainly hasn't told you.

Let's go now to David and see what he says. Will Solomon reign in his stead?
David said yes. Solomon shall be king. Haggith thought. Man I am dead.

I tried to steal the kingdom, from Solomon. Now he is king.
What will he say? Will he kill me, for doing this evil thing?

Haggith pleaded and begged for mercy. Evil people expect the worst.
What would he have done to Solomon, if he had succeeded first?

But Solomon wasn't Haggith. He had mercy like God above.
Just be a good man. Don't do evil, and I will treat you with love.

So Solomon showed kindness to Haggith. Revenge was no part of his plan.
There's a reason that Solomon was God's choice as the King to reign o're the land.

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