David Counts Israel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 107
2 Samuel 24:1 - 2 Samuel 24:25

Oh how I wish Samuel's book could end here,
with Dave's songs and praises to the God he loved dear.

But alas how quickly we people forget,
to remember the God who blesses us yet.

Israel turned from praises to sin's awful mess,
and God had to punish when He wanted to bless.

God commanded to trust Him to keep us from harm.
He said, don't count your soldiers or trust your own arm.

But now He must punish. David numbered the men.
As though by the thousands his battles would win.

So Israel and David were punished once more,
'till God's angel arrived at a man's threshing floor.

God stopped the angel. Said this lesson shall end,
and David and Israel repented again.

David said to Araunah, your floor I will buy,
to build there an altar for our God upon high.

No pay is required. I will give it to you.
To take it for nothing, David said, I can't do.

For how can I offer to my God and my Lord,
that which costs nothing? I will pay a reward.

David paid him in full for the floor and the wood.
Then he offered to God, and God said it is good.

So the people pleased God and the land was restored.
Once again David's kingdom was trusting the Lord.

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