Will David Build God's House?

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 099
2 Samuel 7:1 - 2 Samuel 7:29

For most of the life of King David, he battled to and fro.
The Philistines, and Ammon, enemies all around. Out to battle David would go.

But for a time things were peaceful. For God had given him rest.
David looked around at his own home and said, I should give God the best.

I live in a house of cedar. God's temple is but a mere tent.
He called Nathan. Said, what should I do? God's home should be heaven sent.

Nathan said God has blessed you so build it. But that was not part of God's plan.
That night in a dream God said, Nathan, tell David he isn't the man.

Tell him, when you were a shepherd, I chose you my people to lead.
I set you up. I won your wars. I made you famous indeed.

I'm not done Mister David. I'll establish my kingdom, in fact I'll do it through you.
But before a temple is built for my home I have more work for you to do.

Since Egypt I've lived in a tent. In a tent I intend now to stay.
Till your son reigns as king, (he will build me a house) other plans have I for you today.

More enemies need to be conquered, before my people have peace.
When you are done, I will set up your son, and for him the battles will cease.

So David listened to God. Contented to do as God said.
Soon once again to battled he'd go. His son would be building instead.

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