The Covenant Ark

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 098
2 Samuel 6:1 - 2 Samuel 6:23

God had given victory to David. It was time to bring home the Ark.
This was the Ark that Moses had made. And for it they had made a new cart.

God had told them not to touch it. So they made the Ark with holes.
Instead of touching the sacred Ark it was carried along on poles.

What a time of celebration. The Ark was coming again.
But when it shook Uzzah touched it. And that we know was sin.

Uzzah fell dead. What a tragedy. At a time they were praising the Lord.
David feared and learned again. Do not disobey God's word.

So the ark stayed with a Gitite. Obededom was his name.
God blessed Obededom and all his house. They never were the same.

Then David went again, to bring the Ark to it's rightful place.
He danced and celebrated, while his wife had a frown on her face.

You're the king said Michal, David's wife. Yet you dance like a common man.
I'm the king but I'm dancing with joy before God who made me all that I am.

And I'd do it again, declared David. I'd humble myself more than this.
For compared to God what is a king? All I have, all I am, it is His!

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