Saul and The Witch

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 094
1 Samuel 27:1 - 1 Samuel 28:25

I now know Saul will hunt me down. He's given me two signs.
I'll take my men, young David said, to the land of Philistines.

I'll sojourn there, and Saul will quit, pursuing after me.
But how will David, make a Philistine king, accept one such as he?

He had a plan. A two edged sword. He'd conquer Philistine.
One town at a time, while tricking them, into thinking all was fine.

While David lived in Ziklag. A town of Achish king.
He invaded cities round about and plundered everything.

When Achish asked what David did. He'd tell of battles sore,
with Israel and Judah. Now Saul would hate him more.

Ah, wonderful, thought Achish. David's people loath him most.
So when Achish fought with Israel, he brought David with his host.

The king's princes saw that David was numbered now with them.
They didn't trust this Israelite. They said, away with him.

In the mean time Saul was troubled. The Philistine host drew near.
Saul asked. God gave no answer. Saul's heart was filled with fear.

We've killed the witches in the land but if God must silent be,
then find a witch we've overlooked, and bring back word to me.

There was a witch in Endor. Saul put on a disguise.
He asked her to bring Samuel back while hiding from her eyes.

What did she expect? Would the prophet, really come back from the dead?
When he did, she shrieked, you're Saul the king, and for her life she plead.

Saul promised her no harm. To Samuel he must speak.
He bowed his head unto the ground. Samuel, things are looking bleak.

The Philistine host has come and God is far away.
I asked about the battle but He hears not when I pray.

Oh, He hears, but gives no answer. You've turned yourself from God.
When He warns you, you don't listen. It's you who is the fraud.

The kingdom shall be taken. Tomorrow you will see.
Israel's armies crushed, your sons and you, will die and be with me.

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