David Spares Saul

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 090
1 Samuel 23:1 - 1 Samuel 24:22

Why did David hide from Saul? Was David filled with fear?
No David trusted in the Lord, so let me make this clear.

Many years ago God anointed Saul as King of Israel's land.
David said, because God set up Saul. He'll not fall by my hand.

So rather than go fight with Saul, wise David ran and hid.
Not out of fear or weakness, in fact, look what he did.

The mighty Philistine army robbed Israel's threshing floor.
David prayed God, shall we fight them? His men asked, Go to War?

Don't be a fool we run from Saul. The Philistines are much stronger.
But God said, go. If they think David's weak, they won't think that much longer.

David smote the Philistines. The battle won. Now Saul should be quite grateful.
But when Saul heard where David was, he acted very hateful.

Saul said, David's in a city with walls to shut him in.
He called his army. I'll fight that boy, and this time I will win.

But God warned David so David fled to the forest and wilderness.
Saul chased him there but never found. God always stopped Saul's quest.

Now Engedi, a land of cliffs and caves a perfect place to hide.
It was known as the land of wild goats. David went there to abide.

When Saul found out he called his men and went to Engedi.
Saul found a cave to rest in. Maybe this is where he'd die.

You see the very cave, where King Saul took his nap,
was the cave where David and his men were hiding in the back.

This was David's chance. A perfect chance to kill his enemy.
He could take Saul's life in this dark cave. No one would ever see.

But instead he crept up secretly, cut his robe but let him go.
Saul awoke and left. David called, my king, there is something you should know.

I could have killed you in the cave. See, your robe is in my hand.
I've always honored you as king. You chased me through the land.

Now God has given me a chance to take your life this day,
but I still honor you as king. Please put your sword away.

Then Saul cried and wept aloud. God bless you here my son.
I now know God will make you king. You are His chosen one.

Please do not cut off my seed. Make this promise now to me.
When you are king, you will be kind, unto my family.

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