Lot And Sodom

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 009
Genesis 18:1-Genesis 20:18

One day as Abraham rested, from the heat in the door of his tent.
He looked up to see special travelers. They appeared to be heaven sent.

He bid them to stay and have dinner. Some bread and a young tender calf.
They agreed and said Sarah will bring forth a son, which surely made her laugh.

The travelers rose up to depart. Then God said, shall I keep from this man,
what I am to do about Sodom, for Lot will be part of my plan?

Abraham teaches his children. Of him I will make a great nation.
There is hardly another, so obedient a brother, since the dawn of all creation.

So God told Abraham of Sodom and Gomorrah the other wicked town.
I plan to rain fire from heaven, and burn them both to the ground.

But, pleaded Abraham, thinking of Lot, would you spare them if some were still good?
What if there's 50 or 40 or 30, who were doing what you say they should?

I will spare them for 30 good, answered the Lord. For 30 who call on my name.
Then Abraham whispered Lord, 20 perhaps, or for 10 would you withhold the flame?

God looked at Abraham and knew his heart. For Lot Abraham did now plead.
And God had compassion, and said yes for 10. For 10 good I will not proceed.

For 10, I will hold back and not burn the city. For 10 who are just and obey.
For only 10 people I'll spare all the town. Just 10 good can save the whole day.

So the angels went down into Sodom. They met Lot in the front by the gate.
They could see that the town had hit bottom. Full of sin and evil and hate.

There were not 10 who loved and obeyed God. In fact four was the most they could find.
Only Lot and his wife and two daughters. The rest they had to strike blind.

Angels blinded the wicked of Sodom, to protect Lot and all in his room.
They said get up and out of this city before God lowers the boom.

Don't look back. Don't wish you were staying. If you look back 'twill be your own fault.
Just walk away, 'till the end of the day. If you look back you'll be turned to salt.

Lots wife looked back and she perished, but Lot kept on walking away.
With his daughters he walked, without looking back. There were three at the end of the day.

So for Abraham's sake God saved Lot. But Lot lost all that he had.
Lot was selfish when he chose Sodom. In the end selfish just makes you sad.

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