Will Jonathan Die?

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 082
1 Samuel 14:21 - 1 Samuel 14:52

Saul made a decree that was foolish. No one eats 'till the fighting is done.
But two of the fighters never heard the decree. An armor boy and Jonathan.

They came to a woods filled with honey. Bees made hives and it dripped on the ground.
They were hungry from fighting but no one would eat, except two, cause they weren't around,

when Saul made the oath about eating. So Jonathan's eyes were made bright.
The people said son, now look what you've done. The king said no food for this fight.

No food. How stupid, said Jonathan. Look at you, you're ready to faint.
How much bigger would be this great victory. Old dad, a genius he ain't.

But that wasn't the last crazy thing, that king Saul did during this spree.
He said we'll ask God if we should go down and finish this Philistine army.

Now that might sound like a good plan. Ask God before you begin.
But God didn't answer so Saul said someone, must be living in sin.

He said, we'll cast lots to determine. Is it me along with my son?
Is it someone within our army. We need to find out what's been done.

Who ever has kept God from answering us, though it even be my own boy,
will be put to death. We've got to cast lots, and find out who to destroy.

The lot fell on Jonathan and Saul, so Saul said we'll toss it again.
They did and the lot fell on young Jonathan. The lad, what was his sin?

No one would speak up, though they knew. In fact they'd even bet money.
Then Jonathan said dad, I'm the one who's been bad. You see, I've eaten the honey.

They king had not waited for Samuel. The king had made foolish decrees.
The king now said, well kill and make dead our hero for eating with bees.

What a foolish, stupid ruler. He was tall but not bright in the head.
The people said Saul, Jonathan shall not die. We don't care if it's what you said.

Through him God gave us this victory. Through him the Philistines are gone.
Not one hair on his head shall fall to the ground. This time, mister king, you are wrong!

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