Jonathan and Armor Bearer

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 081
1 Samuel 14:2 - 1 Samuel 14:20

While Philistines came up against Israel, Israel's men ran and hid in the caves.
Only six hundred men joined themselves to king Saul. The rest said please don't call us braves.

The Philistines had thousands and thousands. Saul wondered what to do.
His son Jonathan trusted the Lord. God needs not more then a few.

In secret he said to his armor boy, let's go and fight our enemy.
We tell them we're coming. If they say bring it on, it's a sign God gives the victory.

The armor boy must have had faith. As much as Jonathan his master.
If someone told you we'll fight dozens with two, would you come following after?

So they went up steep rocks to the Philistines. On feet and hands moved ahead.
As they met enemy, Jonathan put them down, and is armor boy stabbed them dead.

The first fight left twenty Philistines, slaughtered all around.
Then God sent an earthquake over the land and shook the Philistine's ground.

They trembled at Jonathan and his armor bearer. They trembled when the earth did shake.
They got so confused they fought with each other. The Philistines were one big mistake.

They ran, and they fell, and they melted away. God gave a victory with few.
Saul said who is fighting Philistines? He ne're guess they'd be only two.

It's Jonathan and his armor boy. By two God has chosen to save.
So Saul and the men, joined right in, and each coward came out of his cave.

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