Saul Begins To Lead

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 080
1 Samuel 10:1 - 1 Samuel 14:1

Samuel anointed Saul as king, but Saul didn't know how to rule.
He went back to his home in Gibeah. No scepter, a staff was his tool.

Saul's tending his herds when a messenger came. Ammonites want to poke out our eyes.
Saul was angry. Sent Israel a message. Come and fight or your plow oxen dies.

Three hundred and thirty thousand, of Israel came out for war.
They fought Ammonites 'til the heat of the day, and the Ammonites threatened no more.

Now some folks had wondered if young Saul could lead, or if God could deliver through him.
After this battle all questions were settled. If you doubted now, just think again.

So the people when up to Gilgal. To worship and dance and sing.
They were grateful to God He provided this man. They rejoiced as they made Saul their king.

Samuel then warned, the Lord is your king, but you wanted to be like the others.
The nations have kings who sit on their thrones. Just men we choose from our brothers.

You turned from the Lord when you wanted a king. You should have had faith in your God.
He brought you from Egypt and gave you this land. Every place father Abraham trod.

Now don't disobey. Both you and your king. Trust God and do His command.
Fear the Lord with your king and turn not aside, and God will bless you and your land.

For two years Saul reigned with his grown up son. Jonathan was his name.
Jonathan fought Philistines. Before him they fell. All the people knew his fame.

Not only in Israel but Philistia too, they knew of what Jonathan did.
The Philistines were mad. They gathered for war. Israel saw it and they ran and hid.

Now Saul was to wait for Samuel, to offer and get his advice.
When Samuel came late, king Saul did not wait, he offered his own sacrifice.

This was wrong, very wrong for the king, to do the work of the priest.
Samuel came and cried Saul, why'd you do this? You were late so I slaughtered the beast.

Well you would have been our kingly family. Your grandsons would reign in your place.
But now God must choose Him another. Your kingship the Lord will replace.

For now there were Philistines to fight. Israel had no swords in their hand.
With axes and pitchforks they hid in the caves. There was terror throughout Israel's land.

Then Jonathan said to his servant. God can save by many or few.
If God is the one who fights this war, He can win it with just me and you!

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