Saul Is Made King

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 079
1 Samuel 8:1 - 1 Samuel 9:27

The Ark of God was back. Twenty years in Israel's Land.
Those twenty years they suffered, the Philistians oppressive hand.

Israel may have had the Ark, but they didn't obey the Lord.
They worshiped heathen idols, and failed to keep God's Word.

Then Samuel made a promise. For Philistia to depart,
put away the sins and idols. Serve God with all your heart.

This time Israel obeyed. Samuel called them, come and pray.
In Mizpeh they all gathered, with Philistines on the way.

We're scared. For us pray Samuel. The Philistines come to fight.
As the army came God thundered. They couldn't resist God's might.

Israel chased away the Philistines. Took back each conquered town.
Samuel judged and led his whole life long, a prophet of high renown.

As Samuel grew much older and his sons aged into men,
they judged with father Samuel, but they followed after sin.

They accepted bribes; judged falsely, for the money folks would bring.
Israel's elders came to Samuel. This is wrong. We want a king.

Your sons are not like you. What will happen when you're dead?
These wicked sons will judge us. We want a king instead.

This made Samuel unhappy. As they've asked, God said, you do.
Just warn a king will take their best. They'll wish they still had you.

So Samuel warned the people. The people would not obey.
A king like other nations. Give us a king today.

Samuel asked God, what shall I do? You know what the people wish.
God replied I have chosen a Benjamite. He is son of Kish.

A mighty man of power. His son I choose named Saul.
From his shoulders upward above all men. This son was very tall.

Now Saul was looking for donkeys. His father's had wandered away.
He and his servant searched and searched. No luck by the end of the day.

Then the servant told Saul of Samuel. Maybe he'll show what to do.
So they journeyed to Samuel to ask his advice. Samuel said, I've been looking for you.

Your donkeys are safe they've been found. Young Saul, God has chosen you king.
But my family is small from the smallest of tribes. I'm amazed you should say such a thing.

Do not doubt. God will make you His ruler. You'll see signs when from me you depart.
God will strengthen and make you a prophet. He will change and give you a new heart.

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