Ruth and Boaz

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 075
Ruth 3:3 - Ruth 4:22

Naomi had told Ruth that Boaz, was part of their family.
As kin he would sire a man, but the dead husband's son he would be.

Go lay at the feet of sir Boaz, when he sleeps after threshing his grain.
For by chance he will honor the kinship law. Its instruction is very plain.

So Ruth laid herself at the man Boaz' feet. At midnight he awoke.
He was startled and fearful to find there a girl at his foot, by the hem of his cloak.

Who are you? I am Ruth. I'm your kinsman near.
He said, bless you young girl. Now have no fear.

You have chosen not young men, not rich or poor,
but rather to honor Naomi once more.

You are virtuous, loving and filled with grace.
I'm your kinsman. I'd love to have you at my place.

But there is one kinsman. One nearer then I.
We first must ask him. I shall not dare lie.

So he measured the barley for Naomi and Ruth,
and looked for the kinsman to tell him the truth.

He loved Ruth but wanted to do God's will right,
though I'm sure he did long to get married that night.

Boaz met the kinsman. Called men from the town.
Said I've important business. Can we set ourselves down?

This man is the kinsman of Naomi's son, his field will you redeem?
The man said I will. Boaz said, one more thing. This might be a little extreme.

His wife is from Moab. When you redeem his field, you must raise up him a son.
The man said now wait. This will mar my own life. I'm not fathering any one.

Then Boaz said, kinsman, I will buy it for you. These elders have witnessed this day.
I'm the next of the kin. I will fulfill the law. You have turned the Moabitess away.

So the people of Bethlehem Ephratah, at the gate who watched this come to pass,
said blessed is Ruth who cared for Naomi and worked in your barley grass.

Let her be great in Israel's land, like Leah and Rachel of old.
From them came the tribes of all Israel. Of them the great stories are told.

So Boaz took Ruth as his wife. And Ruth she bare him a son.
He was nursed by Naomi, Obed was his name. How did he become a great one?

Glad you asked. I will tell you of Obed. He's the father of Jesse, the dad,
who had seven son's, then an eighth one named David, you know as the shepherd lad.

The people said let Ruth be famous, in this city Bethlehem.
She become the great grandma of David the king, and then Jesus, above all of them.

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