Samson's Foxes And Jawbone

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 069
Judges 15:1 - Judges 15:20

They say, time heals all wounds. Maybe so. Samson laid his anger aside.
The thirty men had tricked him, by pressuring his new bride.

He paid them their due and went home. Leaving his wife with her dad.
But when wheat harvest came he was missing his wife, and no longer felt very mad.

He returned to be with his wife, but her dad said I thought you were through.
I gave your wife to your buddy. What was a father to do?

If you thought he was angry before, well now you should see Samson frown.
He was mad as a hornet and mean as a snake, and ready to burn the place down.

He caught three hundred foxes. Tied their tails two by two.
Put firebrands between them, and they ran as foxes will do.

He set them in Philistine fields. Burned their vineyards and crops to the ground.
The Philistines said this is Samson. Killed his wife and burned her house down.

Then he smote them with a great slaughter. Killed more Philistines then before.
So the rest of the Philistine army, set up camp at Israel's door.

When the men of Judah saw them, they asked why do you come to fight?
The Philistines answered it's Samson. What he's done to us just isn't right.

Give us Samson and we will not fight you. So they bound him with two new cords.
Gave Samson to the Philistines, but all was planed out by the Lord.

When in the Philistine camp he burst the cords like thread.
Found the jawbone of an ass. Soon a thousand Philistines were dead.

For twenty years Samson judged and protected Israel.
The Philistines could no longer beat them, with Samson to repel.

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