Samson at Timnath

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 068
Judges 14:1 - Judges 14:20

Samson, the judge of all judges. The one we know the best.
The strong man of the Bible, who often failed God's test.

The son who couldn't be born. The miracle child indeed.
A Nazarite from birth. God's special one who would lead.

But the first thing we see of this strong man, is where he was weak the most.
For Samson went down to Timnath, saw a girl of the Philistine host.

Told his parents he wanted to marry. They asked, what's wrong with your own?
Why go to the heathen to seek out a wife? We have wonderful women at home.

But God had a plan for this Samson. God made him the way that he was.
His weakness would let his strength flourish. He'd be giving the Philistines a buzz.

On the way down to Timnath, it happened. A lion roared against him.
Samson reached out his hand, grabbed the lion, and tore it from limb to limb.

This did two things for ole Samson. First it made him think he was strong.
But in killing a lion he touched a dead body. For a Nazarite this was wrong.

Another day he was walking, where he tore the lion. It died.
He turned to look at the carcass, and some bees had made honey inside.

He ate some of the honey. It was sweet, but in a dead lion.
Nazarites were not to touch dead things. This Samson should not have been tryin'.

Then he gave his parents some honey, but he did not tell them it's source.
They did not know he had disobeyed, or they would have objected, of course.

At the wedding he proposed a riddle. Made a bet with thirty young men.
If you guess my riddle I'll pay you, but if not, then you pay. I win.

His riddle was meat from the eater, and sweetness came from the strong.
For three days they worked on his riddle. Every answer they gave him was wrong.

On day seven they convinced his bride, to get the answer from him.
She cried and she cried 'till he told his bride and she told the thirty young men.

So before the feasting was over, they proudly told him his riddle.
What's sweeter then honey, stronger then a lion? Samson's anger was more then a little.

You pressured my bride. You're evil inside. I'm through with this Philistine party.
I'll give you your prize. Thirty garments your size. We'll see if you think you're a smarty.

So he fought the Philistine's and killed thirty men and took all their clothing and spoil.
Have the girl and these garments, you low cheatin' varmints, I'll go back to my native soil.

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