Jephthah To Samson

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 067
Judges 12:1 - Judges 13:25

Before Jephthah beat the Ammonites, no one even cared.
No one wanted to fight them, for everyone else was scared.

After Jephthah won the battle, Ephraim was insulted.
Why did you fight them without us? They wanted to be exalted.

They said they'd burn Jephthah's house down, because they were excluded.
Jephthah replied, I called you, but you refused to be included.

So I went and fought them by myself. God led, and let me win.
But Ephraim was still upset, at Gilead and him.

So Ephraim fought Gilead and Jephthah on that day.
Was not too bright to fight one who drove your enemies away.

Gilead beat Ephraim. The victory was plain.
By battle's end, forty two thousand men, of Ephraim were slain.

For six years Jephthah judged Israel. Then Ibzan, Elon and Abdon.
When these judges died, the people sinned. It seemed there was no one,

with faith in God, so the Lord delivered them to the Philistine.
For forty years they were oppressed. The Philistines were mean.

But there was a man of Zorah, within the tribe of Dan,
Manoah. His wife was barren, yet she would mother a man.

She could have no children, but an angel came, and said you shall conceive.
You'll bear a son. A Nazarite boy, and he will grow to lead.

So sure enough as God had said, she bore Manoah the one,
whom God had promised to give them. His name, it was Samson.

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