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Judges 11:1 - Judges 11:40

There was a man named Jephthah, of a questionable birth.
His brothers didn't like him. They said cast him from our earth.

He had to run and hide, though he was mighty, smart and strong.
Then the brothers got in trouble. Well that didn't take too long.

They had run off brother Jephthah, and then came the Ammonites.
Now they wanted him to lead them, 'cause they knew that he could fight.

Why do you call me now? You did not love me. There's no doubt.
Now the Ammonites distress you. You want me to help you out?

They said, you can be our captain. We will take you back indeed.
We were wrong to thrust you out. Now we see that you can lead.

So Jephthah, he was their captain. He sent to the Ammon king.
Why do you want to fight us? We have not done anything.

Yes you have the king told Jephthah. When from Egypt Israel came,
you took away my land. I will fight 'cause you're to blame.

That's not so, Jephthah replied. Here's the history and it's true.
We told Edom, Moab and the Amorites, that in peace we would pass through.

They said no. Our God said yes. All three conquered by his hand.
That is how we got this country. It was never Ammon's land.

Our God shall judge twix you and me, if you want to go to war.
Ammon's king refused to listen. No use talking any more.

Then Jephthah did something foolish. Made a promise. It was poor.
Said if God will give us victory, I'll offer what comes out my door.

So that battle raged ore Ammon. Twenty cities fell and more.
God let Jephthah win the battle, but his daughter left his door.

At a time when there was victory, and Jephthah should celebrate,
he was grieved. He made a promise. It was wrong, but now too late.

The lesson is, with God don't bargain. He need's not to pass our test.
Just obey and trust His wisdom. God will give you what is best.

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