BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 065
Judges 8:1 - Judges 10:18

When the battle was won over Midian, and the cities of the enemy,
Israel said Gideon, rule over us. We shall your subjects be.

Gideon replied I shall not rule, for God shall be your king.
It is not I who delivered you. It is God who has done this thing.

So Gideon live a happy life, with wives and seventy sons.
But when he died Israel forgot, all that he and God had done.

They turned and worshipped idols. So the trouble started again.
That's what happens when we forget God, and decide to live in sin.

A son by Gideon's handmaid, went to Shechem's men.
He said you've been under a mighty house, the family of Gideon.

Now Gideon's dead his seventy sons will tell you what to do.
Do you want them or me instead? Remember I'm kin to you.

So Shechem's men said Abimelech, we choose you as the one.
Reign over us. Abimelech did, and killed the seventy sons.

Well, almost all, but one escaped. Jotham was his name.
He was the youngest of Gideon's sons. This was his claim to fame.

He climbed atop a mountain. Told a parable of four trees.
My father Gideon kept you safe. Abimelech, brings you to your knees.

And sure enough in just three years arose a man named Gaal.
He started a rebellion, but Abimelech made him fall.

That led to another battle, 'tween Shechem and Abimelech.
He killed the men of Shechem. Jotham said that's what to expect.

Then Abimelech fought at Thebez. It had a strong high tower.
Abimelech came to burn it down. That's when he lost his power.

A woman cast a millstone piece. It hit Abimelech's head.
Told his armor boy to slay him. Now Abimelech was dead.

Then twenty three years judged Tola, and Jair for twenty two.
But Israel again turned from the Lord. God did what He said He'd do.

God delivered them to their enemies hands, the Philistines and Ammonites.
Then they cried unto the Lord again. He said, you want me to fight?

Go call on the idols you worship. Let them deliver you.
But Israel cried, we've sinned dear Lord. No idols. With them we are through.

So again God had compassion. He raised Jephthah a mighty man.
Through Jephthah God will deliver, His people Israel again.

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