Gods Sword and Gideon

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 064
Judges 7:8 - Judges 7:25

So Gideon had three hundred men against a mighty hoard.
No way that they could win this war, unless they had the Lord.

Recall when God first spoke to him, Gideon had his doubt.
How can I know it's God who speaks? If not, then I'll back out.

God made a fire come from a rock, and burn up Gideon's meal.
That's no small thing. This must be God. It certainly has His seal.

But then when God told Gideon to fight the Midianite.
He laid a fleece upon the floor and tested God that night.

When God came through ole' Gideon embarrassed and chagrin,
said Lord just one more test from me. Let's try this fleece again.

Three times God proved to Gideon. God knew his faith was weak.
Now God said Gideon, go down. Hear what the Midianites speak.

If you fear and still lack trust, take your servant if you must.
To you this seems impossible. Midian covers the valley just like dust.

Like the sand of the sea for multitude Midian and Amalek spread.
If God was not with Gideon, by weeks end he'd be dead.

So God gave Gideon another sign. A dream made his enemy fear.
A loaf of barley smashed a tent. It means Gideon will slay us here.

When Gideon heard how this enemy feared, he offered to the Lord,
and gathered his troop of three hundred men. We don't even need a sword.

Take a trumpet and empty pitcher, and put a torch within.
We'll surround the camp in the dark of night. God has given us Midian.

When I blow upon my trumpet, you blow your trumpets too.
Break your pitchers. Show your lights and see what God will do.

So with three groups of one hundred, surrounding Midian,
trumpets blew as torches shined. God's sword and Gideon.

They did not even have to fight, standing each man with his brother.
The enemy was confused and scared. They began to kill each other.

Then the rest of Israel came out and slaughtered Midian.
That day they learned to trust the Lord and so did Gideon.

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