Gideon's Fleece

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 063
Judges 6:36 - Judges 7:7

The folks were poor and hungry, 'cause of Amalek and Midian.
Israel prayed unto the Lord, and God raised a man called Gideon.

The Amalekites joined the Midianites upon a certain day.
They ganged up upon the Israelites, and were gonna make them pay.

God's spirit came on Gideon. God said I'll give you might.
Gather Israel together, and you will win this fight.

Gideon told the Lord, you see, I want to know it's you.
I'll lay a fleece upon the floor and if it's wet with dew,

and if the floor is dry in the morning when I come,
I'll know that God has called me, to get this battle won.

Well God was kind and gave the sign to show His word was true.
In the morning all the floor was dry and the fleece was wet with dew.

Now that was quite an amazing sign. Enough to make you glad.
But Gideon was still not sure. He said, Lord, don't be mad.

To fight against the Midianites could kill us. This is tough.
Please let me ask for one more sign. Then I'll say it's enough.

I'll lay the fleece upon the floor, and this time if it's dry.
I'll know that God will fight for us, and surely we won't die.

In the morning when God made the dew under the starry sky,
Gideon found the ground was soaking wet, but the fleece, completely dry

So Gideon gathered his army. Thirty two thousand men.
He set out to fight Midian, now sure that he would win.

But God said, oh no, Gideon. You have to big a squad.
The people will think, when the war is won, they did it without God.

Any man that is afraid, go home. Tell this to your men.
Twenty two thousand left that day. Now there were only ten.

Ten thousand men sounds like a lot but next to Midian.
Thirty thousand men was frightfully small, and now, just only ten.

But God said, oh no, Gideon. Too many men I think.
Bring them to the water's edge, and notice how they drink.

The men that lap the water, will stay to fight with you.
Those with bowed knees will go back home. You'll be left with just a few.

Three hundred men were all that lapped. No way! Three hundred men.
With this small few God will win against all Midian?

We'll see, it will be interesting, God only needs a few.
And that my friend means your enough. Today, let God use you.

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