God Calls Gideon

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 062
Judges 6:1 - Judges 6:35

Remember, God saved Israel and Deborah wrote a song.
But after forty years of peace, Israel did wrong.

God used Amalek and Midian to teach them to do right.
For seven years they lived in caves to hide from Midianites.

Their cattle were all slaughtered. Crops crushed beneath the hoard.
Israel was poor and hungry. They cried unto the Lord.

An angel of the Lord appeared unto Joash's son.
He hid his wheat from Midianites. His name was Gideon.

The Lord said fight the Midianites. I'll give you victory.
Gideon said my family's poor. Why would you pick me?

You're a mighty man of valor. I'm God, I'll be with you.
Then let me make you dinner, a lamb, cakes, and broth too.

The Lord said thank you kindly, now put them on that rock.
He touched the meal with his staff and it burned up. What a shock!

God brought fire from a rock and burned meat, broth and bread.
If God showed you this miracle, would you trust what He said?

Gideon did, and built an altar. He believed God's word was true.
But his father worshipped Baal, and built an altar too.

Tear down that idol altar, God told Gideon.
Your father worships other gods and you know that is sin.

That night in secret Gideon tore, the idol altar down.
He cut the grove around it. All the trees lay on the ground.

In the morning all the cities men said, who? Now do not lie.
Some one threw Baal's altar down and he deserves to die.

But Joash, Gideon's father, who's altar Gideon smashed,
said no, if Baal is a god, how'd his altar get so trashed?

So that day all the people saw, that Baal had no might.
They now looked up to Gideon. Soon he'd lead them in a fight.

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