Deborah is Judge

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 061
Judges 4:1 - 5:31

For eighty years Israel had peace. Obeying what God said.
Ehud and Shamgar judged them well, but now these men were dead.

A generation then rose up, and this one disobeyed.
It's a disappointing sequence. It gets me quite dismayed.

How often are we just like them, each time we disobey?
Then God must punish us again. Happens almost every day.

I'm glad God does not tire, and give up when we sin.
Sin hurts us bad. He brings us back, to be near Him again.

This time Jabin king of Caanan, conquered Israel.
Nine hundred iron chariots. For twenty years they fell.

They could not fight this mighty king, and again began to pray.
It would have been far easier, to just not disobey.

So God did something that was new. We'll give this plan a whirl.
I've raised up men to judge this land. This time I'll pick a girl.

Nine hundred iron chariots. No foe had much more might.
Deborah the judge called Barak. Said you will win this fight.

Go up unto mount Tabor, and take ten thousand men.
I'll deliver Jabin's chariots, and you'll be free again.

Barak, Israel's captain, said I will gladly go,
if Deborah, you go with me. I will, but you should know.

When God defeats king Jabin, they will not say that you led.
They'll say a woman fought this war. I'll be there in your stead.

So Barak called the army. They followed her and him.
And that day Israel won the war with Deborah leading them.

When all was done and Jabin gone, a song was written down.
Deborah and Barak sang that song, and made a joyful sound.

For forty years they served the Lord with peace and happiness.
For forty years God gave them rest. Obey and God will bless.

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