Othniel, Ehud, & Shamgar

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 060
Judges 3:1 - Judges 3:31

Israel lived in the promised land, for God had set them free.
But they married idols worshipers, and that made God angry.

He let a king with a funny name become stronger then them.
For eight long years the Israelites served Chush-an-rish-a-thaim.

By eight years end the people cried and prayed unto the Lord.
We disobeyed. We want to turn and again obey your word.

Remember Joshua and Caleb? How Jericho's war was won?
They'd passed away, but Caleb had a godly, good grandson.

His name was Othniel, a judge whom God made rule.
He fought against the king called Cush, as stubborn as a mule.

God made him win. For forty years, Israel had rest.
Then Othniel died. Without a judge, Israel failed the test.

So God raised up another king. Eglon was his name.
He was the king of Moab. It truly was a shame.

He with the Ammonites, conquered Israel.
For eighteen years they served Eglon. It wasn't going swell.

They cried unto the Lord again. And God raised up Ehud.
A left hand man with a daring plan, to spill king Eglon's blood.

He said he had a secret. A message for the king.
What he had was a two edged dagger, that he hid within a sling.

Eglon sent away his servants, to hear Ehud's secret.
They were in his summer parlor. Judge Ehud sure had grit.

He drew the blade and plunged it in to Eglon's belly fat.
Then Ehud slipped out through the porch, as silent as a cat.

He ran away to Ephraim's mount and blew the trumpet loud.
God fights for us. Oh Israel come. They gathered quite a crowd.

Israel chased the Moabites, and slew ten thousand men.
For eighty years obeyed the Lord, and had their peace again.

Then after Eglon, Shamgar judged, and he was good as well.
The Philistines fought, and Shamgar won, and delivered Israel.

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