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Judges 1:1 - Judges 2:23

As Israel entered the promised land, God said I have a rule.
I gave this land to Abraham. Now don't you play the fool.

The nations that have taken it, have idols on their shelves.
Destroy the idol worship. Don't mix them with yourselves.

When Joshua died God told the tribe, of Judah, you will lead
Go fight against the Canaananites. I'll help you all you need.

Now some time Israel obeyed, and sometime they did not.
They'd let the idol worshipers stay, and other times they fought.

When Israel disobeyed the Lord, and let their enemies stay,
instead of getting rid of them, they simply made them pay.

They thought to tax their enemies, was surely good enough,
but God said if they live with you, they'll make obeying tough.

They'll cause you to participate, in their idolatry.
Instead of keeping all my law, you'll turn away from me.

While Joshua and the elders, who saw God's mighty hand,
remained alive, the Israelites, obeyed throughout the land.

But when the elders passed away, a generation rose,
who had not seen God's mighty works. They worshiped with God's foes.

They worshiped idols Baalim, Ashtaroth and Baal.
No longer did God fight for them. In battle they'd just fail.

Their enemies would conquer them. They'd perish by the sword.
Then God would raise up judges, to turn them to the Lord.

And Israel would say, we're wrong, and serve God once again.
But then the judge would pass away, and they'd turn back to sin.

So God allowed some nations, not driven from the land,
to stay and punish Israel when they did what He banned.

The Canaananites and Hittites, the Amorites and Perizzites,
the Hivites and the Jebusites all dwelt among the Israelites.

It did not have to be this way. God said to conquer them.
Don't let them live among you. They'll turn your heart to sin.

And sure enough that's what they did. What God said had come true.
They married idol worshippers. Next, see what God will do.

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