East And West Tribes

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 057
Joshua 11:1 - Joshua 22:34

When they were west of Jordan and Moses was alive,
There were three tribes Moses gave the land on Jordan's other side.

Actually it was two point five, for one tribe was just half.
So Ruben, Gad and Manasseh, got the land before they passed.

When the battles were all won, and each tribe had their land.
These tribes went back to Jordan's west, according to God's plan.

But the tabernacle and God's house, were on the other side.
They feared their children would forget, how God had been their guide.

They did not have a place, where they could worship God.
So they built themselves an altar, but to some this seemed quite odd.

The people on the East side thought they wanted to rebel.
They said, why have you turned from God. This isn't going well.

Did you not learn from Peor, when God sent us a plague?
Did you not learn from Achan? Answer, don't be vague.

Then the three tribes West of Jordan, answered we are true.
This is no idol altar. We worship God like you.

We do not want our children to forget what God has done.
This is for all to worship God; each daughter and each son.

So all the people did rejoice, and were of one accord.
Each tribe was grateful for God's love. Each worshiped God their Lord.

Israel rested from her battles. In safety she would dwell,
and Joshua grew old with grace, for he had led them well.

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