Israel's Promised Land

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 056
Joshua 10:1 - Joshua 10:43

Five Amorite kings were angry, of the treaty Gibeon made.
Not joining against Israel, Gibeon made a trade.

They traded Amorite neighbors, so they could save their hide.
Now the Amorites sought to get revenge, and make them wish they died.

So five kings of the Amorites, encamped against the city.
When Gibeon saw they were afraid. It sure did not look pretty.

Sneaking messengers to Israel, they told them of their plight.
And God said Joshua fear not. I'm with you in this fight.

Israel fought against five kings, who ran and fled away.
But as the sun was going down, they needed one more day.

Joshua prayed Lord make the sun stand still. Let the moon and sun just stay.
God heard his prayer and stopped the sun. It stayed up one more day.

Before or after was no day that lasted like this one.
God made his people win the war by stopping moon and sun.

Then Israel fought another king. At Makkedah won the war.
But they did not stop 'till Israel, had conquered six kings more.

On returning back to Gilgal, where they'd camped many a night,
they heard another king had organized a fight.

Jabin, king of Hazor sent to more then fifteen kings.
Come help me fight, with all our might, were sure to change some things.

Then these kings came together. More then Israel ever fought.
God said again to Joshua, I'm here. Now fear them not.

So Joshua pursued the kings, and smote them as God said.
Then he turned and conquered two more kings, 'till all of them were dead.

As God had promised Moses, he showed his mighty hand.
To Israel through Joshua, God gave the promised land.

The kings had all been conquered. No one to fight no more.
Now Israel could have their land, and finally rest from war.

At eighty-five a strong old man, Joshua the son of Nun,
had led his people through the wars, and each of them was won.

He gave each tribe their portion, their inheritance from God.
As God had promised Moses, "where ever your feet trod."

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